what happens before a painting is done?

what happens before a painting is done?

The next few photos is of the progress of my Star Keeper painting.
I find it fascinating to see how it all works together!

The idea is loose and a start.


Somehow the tree was first. My first mistake, do the background first!


A little background, roughly put in. Note to self: do the background to the best of your skill, first.


Paint pieces of paper for the leaves, tree trunk and grass. Fun and easy.


Started putting in cut pieces of paper to make the tree. I loved this part!


This sketch was done at another time. When came time to decide what would go along with the tree... these two decided they would be perfect.


Cut out of old papers, next step is to make them come alive.


They are looking good, cute and perfect for this colorful tree.
Now to work on that background....


Remember that background that wasn't perfect to start with?

We'll I went and painting around each little leaf, which took forever and was SO worth it!

It turned out great!

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