the start of the book February 03 2015, 0 Comments

I am doing it!
An author found me and we are putting together my first children's book.
The courage. The passion.
above is some character development for my fox.
I threw this image out on Facebook and had great feedback on which fox everyone loved.
In the end I went with the one in the bed.
I never knew how hard this book illustration thing would be!
The book is about a tree that wants to find her song.
With the help of her friends, the fox and the hedgehog...
she finds her song and much more.
How does one illustrate a mother tree putting her little one to bed?
I think it would look like this.
This illustration was a puzzle... got the fox faces figured out. 
Oh, I need a spot for copy, check.
Character continuity with the tree.
Did you notice the little green worm?
This is what I have so far.
I hope you follow along and watch the progress.
We put a letter of query out to a publisher.
Crossing toes and fingers that this little book gets picked up and enjoyed!