making a tree painting February 11 2013, 0 Comments

The start of a painting.
This one turned out completely different then what I had planned.
Funny how that happens. This was going to have a small poem smack dab in the middle... something about "brilliant hues and believing"
I save little bits of paper, much like a magpie and used gel medium to randomly glue the papers down onto the canvas.
Then I thought, less words might be better. I love using tracing paper to play with ideas.
A tree sprouted.
For a long time I had a white tree and swing. But it looked to unfinished. 
I painted the background quite a few times with blue and then with green just to make the Dr. Seuss looking tree stand out.
The final painting. 
I love how the base of the tree has so much color and energy, 
sending it up into the sky!