Bee Friends and breathing

Bee Friends and breathing

What do bees and breathing have to do with each other?
Let me explain.

Bee friends drawing

This is the start of a painting that I recently completed. It's called Bee Friends.
First, I sketch on a piece of tracing paper my bees. The faces were an afterthought. But I think that it adds so much to the piece.
Next, I prepare the background of my canvas.
I found a page in a very old dictionary about how to type on a typewriter.
I loved the round key graphics and thought it would be the perfect place for my bees.
Bees are busy.
Typewriters have that click-clack busy sound too.

Bee friends painting by Julene Ewert

The final results. I painted the bees on white mixed-media paper
and then cut them out. The wings are from some old pocket calendar.
I painted the background and then used a gel medium to adhere the bees.
A little more paint. Done.


I find that if I breathe into the process of creating. It goes smoothly and is fun too!

Keystone mountain colorado

Recently I had the chance to do some downhill biking in Colorado.
Descending from 12,000 to 9000 ft. At first if was terrifying.
The mountain is very steep, difficult tiny trails, at a very fast speed.
I told myself to breathe into the berms (sharp turns).
This is where I would get uptight and almost loose it.
Once I started to breathe into the turns.
I relaxed and it was FUN!
Scary but oh so fun.  

Next time you see some honey bees, take a moment to just watch them.
Breathe into the beauty, mystery of it all.
Next time you start a project that seems over your head.
Breathe. Breathe into the turns.
You'll be amazed what you can do!


We did it!

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Lovely! Thanks for sharing your inner life and art.

Wendy Barner

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