Blink of an eye

Blink of an eye

This part of my blog in very personal. My hope is that in sharing my journey that I will hopefully inspire someone else that is going through this difficult time in their life.

Here's my story: I was diagnosed with breast cancer HER+ stage 3 in January 2020.
November 2019: Routine mammogram was all good - clear.
December 2019: I detected a lump. Schedule an ultrasound. Biopsy. Wait.

This was around Christmas so everything seemed to be in slow motion. I saw at least five different doctors leading up to the results. It was a sunny day, the doctor called and told me that it was positive for cancer. I hung up the phone. Tears. My boys circled me with hugs. In the blink of an eye my life changed. The thoughts that run through your head are dark, are so completely sad. I can't really tell you how to climb out of such a place. But, perhaps you have to go there. Mourn. You have to feel these feelings to finally accept your new reality. Which I didn't even know the diagnoses yet. Maybe I only had a year to live. One of the darkest times in my life.

Portacath surgery, this is where the chemo therapy needle will be inserted. There is a tube that runs under the skin up my neck to a main vein. Very alien, but it will save my veins.


Over the next three weeks I had a breast MRI, lungs x-ray, PET scan, brain MRI, heart ultrasound, portacath (the port where the chemo goes) surgery and a colonoscopy. YES. IT. WAS. HARD. But every scan and test came back negative for any cancer!! A answer to many, many prayers and positive energy.

I've started my treatment or cocktail as I like to fancy it up. I will receive four weeks (every other week) of hard chemo and then 12 weeks of targeted treatment towards this type of breast cancer. That will take me until May. At that point surgery will be the next step and radiation. IT'S A LOT. But after sitting with this for a few weeks. The only way I see is FORWARD. I'm surrounding myself with family and friends. Finding the light in every single day. Reaching out to the most amazing women that have been in the trenches, they share their story and I am able to see hope and a brighter future. 


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Hi Julee,

What a time to discover you have cancer. I hope in the midst of the coronavirus shenanigans your treatment has been able to continue.

I love your art, it is so cheerful and colorful. I hope that cheer and the love of your boys carries you throughout your journey.
When times were hard for me my mantra was patience, grace and strength.

Willow Bascom

I’ve admired your art for awhile and love your unique style. Those friendly animals feel like friends. You inspire me to believe perhaps I can develop my own style too. That is an empowering, healing belief.
I pray for your healing as well ❤️


We are so proud of you. There are many people praying for your recovery you don’t even know. We need to have faith in God. He still hears our prayers for help and still answers them. He cares about every little bird so you know he really cares for us. We have so many blessings if we pause to notice them. Love, Mom, and Dad

Mom and Dad

Your brave and the rungs of the ladder are solid under your feet. Thanks for the art piece ! Xox take care, sending love and light every day!

Becky Chastain

Trust that every person you encounter is there to help you in some fashion – the right person, at the right time, with the right skills. You have what it takes to do this.
Mighty Mish

Mighty Mish

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