my dreamhouse September 20 2021, 5 Comments

For YEARS I've wanted a greenhouse. I made it happen! 
greenhouse being built
The humble beginnings.
greenhouse siding
The metal siding was recycled and free. Just needed to trim to size and attached it. The white pvc pipe is electricity being ran for fan and heat mats.
dreamhouse chandliers
Me and my best friend made chandeliers out of old metal baskets and lamp shades. The best part is they are solar powered! 
greenhouse lights 
All the windows are recycled and reclaimed from friends. The chicken wire windows are skylights from the old high school that was built in 1912. They are my favorite!
Windows are a puzzle to make fit. 
I owe a HUGE thanks to my dad for making it all work. Plus it was just fun working side by side. 
inside greenhouse
Moving in slowly. This is my new place to escape the world.
A garland made from my sisters fabric scraps. She would have loved and been quite jealous of this dreamhouse. Her spirit is all around me.