Old canning jars filled with spring flowers

Old canning jars filled with spring flowers

I love to see the process of anything that is made from hand.
This is a peek at my process. 
This painting took a year to complete. I started it last January and then stopped. Life happens, and my sweet gran passed away. I can still remember walking into her kitchen and seeing the beautiful blue jars of pickles. The fresh sprigs of dill pressed against the insides of the mason jars. She grew a huge garden. I got my love of all things that grow from her and my dad.
A year later this painting came to life.
It was a joy to create.

spring flowers sketch This is the beginning sketches.

Then I use a gel medium (golden) to paste down the paper onto the wood panel,
which is 20x16. Big!

I sketch the from the tracing paper onto the panel with Saral paper.
It act like carbon paper and transfers the image.
I paint the background a white.
Then I start with the flowers and stems first. 

The next step is the mason jars. I did a little test. The jar on the left was painted white first, then color. The jar on the right was painted with color only. I decide on the left jar. Just so the color would pop and I could leave a white highlight on the jars too.

painting in progress.

The final art. Spring flowers in old jars. 

This piece is dedicated to my sweet gran. 

Original art/prints available

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Gosh ! I love this painting ! Thank you so much for creating something so beautiful ! And, for sharing your process ! Inspiring ! What kind of paints did you use in this painting ?


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