One year out from cancer treatment February 28 2022, 0 Comments

Julene Ewert
This is what one year out from treatment looks like. (Her2 positive breast cancer stage three). My doctors tell me that the first two years are critical. Only two years ago I was completely bald and just entering this journey. I'm filled with hope and renewed strength. I continue to accept the fears that swirl around me that "it" could come back. That is something that EVERY cancer survivor must confront and become very familiar with. I've compared it to being in a fatal car accident. You've survived but your friends in the car didn't make it. You have a hard time getting back into the car again and traveling for fear that someone might cross that tiny white dotted line. But you must if you are going to live again and experience the joys of future adventures.  I've been filling my days with art, family and growing and learning new things. Because what else is there? Dance, sing, live!