silkscreen printing

silkscreen printing

Way back in college I took a printmaking class.
I learned to etch on zinc plates, monoprints and silkscreen printing.
I've been wanting to try again, but the process takes a lot of time.
Not great for someone that wants to see progress right away. 

silkscreen startI found a company online that made the screen for me. All I had to do was supply the art. Not a problem there. I used HelloMelloCo on etsy. There are many companies that will make custom screen that are ready to print. 

silkscreen first pullI anxiously loaded the screen with black ink and made my first pull.
I didn't have a squeegee... used what I had... a stiff piece of plastic. I bet you could use a old credit card, maybe even a piece of cardboard. 


silkscreen pull
 My first glimpse of the print. No too bad for just jumping in and printing.

silkscreen finished art

I printed a few more. Success!! 

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