Star Forest - the making of a painting June 03 2019, 0 Comments

This is the humble beginnings of my star forest painting.
I started sketching on my IPad in Procreate. 
It gives me time to think about what kind of mood-feeling I want to create.
Then I gesso a birch wood painting cradle, twice, sand between coats.
Next, the sketch is drawn on the cradle. 
This part is always so rough looking.
It's just getting the paint down and worry about the details later.
The trees were a lot of fun to paint.
I used white and black ink and
a tiny paint brush and painted patterns.
The finished piece. Layers and layers of paint. 
The magical star forest is filled with glittery stars
that hang from trees that have stories to tell.
Fox loves to take night time walks and listen
to the quiet songs of the stars and beautiful stories.