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simple inspiration idea May 10 2013, 0 Comments

I love doing these little inspiration exercises. 
Simply choose a color and take as many pictures as you want. 
I find that it helps me notice simple things and motivates me to be creative in a different way.
The above photo took all of 15 minutes and all items where found in my house. 
How simple and fun is that?

making a tree painting February 11 2013, 0 Comments

The start of a painting.
This one turned out completely different then what I had planned.
Funny how that happens. This was going to have a small poem smack dab in the middle... something about "brilliant hues and believing"
I save little bits of paper, much like a magpie and used gel medium to randomly glue the papers down onto the canvas.
Then I thought, less words might be better. I love using tracing paper to play with ideas.
A tree sprouted.
For a long time I had a white tree and swing. But it looked to unfinished. 
I painted the background quite a few times with blue and then with green just to make the Dr. Seuss looking tree stand out.
The final painting. 
I love how the base of the tree has so much color and energy, 
sending it up into the sky!

creative retreat! January 10 2013, 0 Comments

This year we (my creative sisters) made our retreat happen again! 
We traveled to beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, nestled in foothills of the mountains.
Every year I look forward to this time to relax and reflect on my own creative journey and share in theirs. These women are nurturing, strong and honest. We spend our time talking about our strengths and weakness. It helps to see what others see of you. We are either deep in thought or tearful or laughing. We fill our hearts and share our hopes. 
One of my creative sisters is a NIA instructor, and we had the luxury of a private class. What a moving experience, literally and soulfully! 
Next year it maybe in Sante Fe or the Oregon coast.
Doesn't matter where as long as we make it happen!
xo to my creative sisters