The making of a coloring book May 04 2018, 2 Comments

This project has been in the works for YEARS! Seriously. I spent the good part of a year just thinking about doing it. Should I do it? Maybe not. Maybe. So I asked my boys and it was a resounding YES! I got myself in gear and started the daunting task of creating a coloring book. 40 pages was my goal. Each day I tried to complete or at least get one page started. I would sketch in pencil, then use a black micron pen to ink it. Then scan and clean it up. A LOT OF WORK and DOUBT. Then I found an app Procreate. That you can use on a iPad and use a digital pencil. This worked like a dream!!! I was able to draw directly on the screen and go straight to into adobe illustrator. For those tech savvy people, I was able to create line art as a vector. A huge time savings. When I was almost done I thought it was quite a waste of backside of the coloring page. That's when I had an ah-ha moment. When you are coloring your mind can wander. Why not have a journal prompt opposite of the coloring page?! I absolutely love something that has a dual propose. This made it all come together. I did it! One day at a time, one doubt at a time. I hope you really enjoy the book! Colorhappy!!!

My helper.

Proof of book, big day!

Shipment of the completed book. YES!!

I did it! One day at a time, one doubt at a time.

Go buy the happy book!