The making of a coloring book

The making of a coloring book

This project has been in the works for YEARS! Seriously. I spent the good part of a year just thinking about doing it. Should I do it? Maybe not. Maybe. So I asked my boys and it was a resounding YES! I got myself in gear and started the daunting task of creating a coloring book. 40 pages was my goal. Each day I tried to complete or at least get one page started. I would sketch in pencil, then use a black micron pen to ink it. Then scan and clean it up. A LOT OF WORK and DOUBT. Then I found an app Procreate. That you can use on a iPad and use a digital pencil. This worked like a dream!!! I was able to draw directly on the screen and go straight to into adobe illustrator. For those tech savvy people, I was able to create line art as a vector. A huge time savings. When I was almost done I thought it was quite a waste of backside of the coloring page. That's when I had an ah-ha moment. When you are coloring your mind can wander. Why not have a journal prompt opposite of the coloring page?! I absolutely love something that has a dual propose. This made it all come together. I did it! One day at a time, one doubt at a time. I hope you really enjoy the book! Colorhappy!!!

My helper.

Proof of book, big day!

Shipment of the completed book. YES!!

I did it! One day at a time, one doubt at a time.

Go buy the happy book!

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Next time I come to Idaho, I would love to buy a copy. I’m going to “share” this ad on my FB page as I have some foreign friends here in Japan who love to color.
Coming to Japan again?
Love, viki

viki Iizuka

Way to go. You make us proud. Dad and Mom

Steve and Kathy Ewert

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