The middle part is icky

The middle part is icky

Glass float

I'm walking along the ocean, the weather is stormy, cold and dark. The tide is high and threatens to wash us out to sea. I'm tired and just want to be inside with a warm cup of tea. My husband say, "Let's just go a bit further." I grumble under my breathe. If I was a kid, I would have stomped my feet in protest.

We continued on when I saw it. At first I thought it was a light bulb or glass jar. I called, "Mine!", knowing my competition might see it first. Sure enough, it was a glass float!!! Amazingly, it's been floating around for the past 70 years waiting for ME.

The next day I thought about the moments right before the big FIND. I was so the Negative-Nelly. I wondered how many times in the past, I told myself to give-up when it got tough? I wondered how many opportunities that I missed because I didn't keep going? It's hard when the middle-part is icky and we feel like throwing our hands in the air. When I'm working on a new piece of art, the first part is exciting and new. Then comes that middle part, is this really going to work? [self-doubt]. I want to believe this is when BIG MOMENTS happen. This is when we are pushed in a new direction and another exciting horizon is waiting.

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