Sweet Gathering Banner


The sweet gathering of friends are sharing a bit of berry cake and tea. Big bear sitting on a tiny stool is made of old recipes from a Boston Cook Book, he has recipes for sponge cakes (i love). Raccoon is our host, on his tail the words "please" shine through. Of course sweet little squirrel, she is made out of a nut pudding recipe. The trees are bright and festive setting the scene. They are made of bits of music and pieces from an early 1900 booklet printed in New York City -- called Art Notes. In the tree you will see plays and great little words that bring so much playfulness and mystery to the trees. Look closer and you'll find "take a chance" and "says my heart" 

**These take 3-4 weeks to create**

Banner size: 20" x 33.5" (length can vary slightly) 
Natural pine bars top and bottom
Cotton string makes it easy to hang anywhere!

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