Bitterroot - original painting


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Revived. Brought back to life. The Bitterroot has the ability to regenerate from dry and seemingly dead roots. An old Salish story tells how the bitterroot came to be. One winter, there was no game to eat toward the end of the season, so an old grandmother cried for her starving people. The woman went up on a hill to ask the creator for mercy and protection, grieving over the plight of her people. Her tears ran down her silver hair and the sun turned her tears into the bitterroot flower, whose nutritious root provided the starving people with food. So when the bitterroots burst into bloom every spring, we can admire the silvery sheen of the puddles, and remember the old grandmother's hair and her prayer for her people.  It was a staple in trade and cooking for several indigenous tribes, namely the Salish people who lived in the Missoula, Montana area. Lewis and Clark collected the specimen and called it Lewisia Rediviva.

Created with acrylic paint, ink on canvas. This is an original painting. 

Size: 24" x 30" x 1.5" 
Edge is painting black ready to hang. 

Delivered to you with love and care.

©Julene Ewert
Artist Reserves All Rights

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