Pastry and Pies - Original


A vision in pink. Beautiful stacks of pies and pastries. The collage materials is from a 1940s Better Homes & Gardens cookbook that I bought for ten cents. The book was in such bad repair, it was destine to be part of something I cooked up. I love the whimsical leaning of the cakes. Look close and you will find the cake that has "causes for failure" on it. The actual recipes found tucked into cookbooks. I love reading cookbooks and find them like history books, a glimpse at the past.

Acrylics, ink, paper and love. This is an original painting.

24"x24" square by 2" deep on canvas
Signed and Certificate of Authenticity

delivered to you with love and care.

©Julene Ewert 2013
Artist Reserves All Rights

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