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Julene Ewert

Dance of Life - original painting

Dance of Life - original painting

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She is known for her unique connection to the Earth. Her presence is akin to a gentle breeze, whispering secrets to the trees and flowers that adorn the land. Her nimble grace and joints seemed to sway with the rhythm of the earth itself. She has an uncanny bond with the creatures of the skies. Birds flock to her outstretched arms, singing melodies only she can understand. They carry her messages to far-off lands, uniting distant hearts in harmony. Gardens flourish under her tender care, as if the flowers and trees revel in her touch. Blossoms bloom year-round, and trees stretch their limbs to embrace her as she strolls by. Though few understand the depth of her connection, all can feel the magic she brings to their lives. She is a living bridge between nature and humanity, teaching us to embrace our roots, reach for the skies, and find beauty in this dance of life.

This original painting was created with acrylic paint, ink on a birch wood canvas.

18" x 24" 1" size
Edge left unpainted
delivered to you with love and care.


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